Butterfly Bears
This is the result of my unbridled imagination.
These so-called butterfly bears are made of short-piled mini-fabrics
 in a diversity of colours.
I always work under stress here since I want to find the perfect combination.
I paint the butterfly bears with a special paint.
This is irreversible for corrections cannot be made.
A matching colour variation in the eyes brings everything to life.
Hand-made garlands on these little creatures are part of the finishing touch before I put little wings, feathers and pearls.

***Miss Harmony***
16 cm





***Little Kaika Butterfly***
10 cm



Halloween Butterfly
*** Battina ***




Winner of the TOBY Industry's Choice Award 2011
*** Nabendu Butterfly ***




*** Leila Butterfly ***




Stap uit je cocon
en maak jezelf vrij.
Vlieg als een vlinder
en voel je zo blij.
Fladder je vleugels
door wolken en lucht.
Ga voor het leven
geniet van je vlucht.

TBAAF Award winner 2011 / Fantasy Bear or Animal Category
1st Place Winner
*** Sunshine Butterfly ***



The Butterfly Ball
"With my light I'll guide you all,
Homeward , like a friend,
While your sleeping , Feast and Ball.
In your dreams will never end."

*** Nympy Butterfly & Baby Phaea Butterfly ***

*** Nympy Butterfly ***
100% hand-made


*** Phaea Baby Butterfly  ***
100% Hand-made


*** Lilium & Asiatic Butterfly ***

*** Lilium Butterfly ***
      100 % miniature handmade teddy bear
    Crown made of 500 Swarovski crystal beads and
        hand sculpted lily flowers
      13 cm

***Asiatic Butterfly ***
   100 % miniature handmade teddy bear
    Crown made of 200 Swarovski crystal beads and
        hand sculpted lily flowers
      11 cm


*** Star & Little Lighty butterfly ***

Louise Butterfly
*** Own collection ***
100 % miniature hand - made teddy bear
14 cm