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Butterfly Bears

This is the result of my unbridled imagination.
These so-called butterfly bears are made of short-piled mini-fabrics
 in a diversity of colours.
I always work under stress here since I want to find the perfect combination.
I paint the butterfly bears with a special paint.
This is irreversible for corrections cannot be made.
A matching colour variation in the eyes brings everything to life.
Hand-made garlands on these little creatures are part of the finishing touch before I put little wings, feathers and pearls.

***Miss Harmony***



***Little Kaika Butterfly***


*** Battina ***
Halloween Butterfly



*** Nabendu Butterfly ***
Winner of the TOBY Industry's Choice Award 2011



*** Leila Butterfly ***



*** Sunshine Butterfly ***
TBAAF Award winner 2011
 Fantasy Bear or Animal Category
1st Place Winner


*** Nympy Butterfly & Baby Phaea Butterfly ***

*** Star & Little Lighty butterfly ***

Louise Butterfly
*** Own collection ***
100 % miniature hand - made teddy bear
14 cm


The Butterfly Ball
"With my light I'll guide you all,
Homeward , like a friend,
While your sleeping , Feast and Ball.
In your dreams will never end."